Embracing the Power of Female Energy: Explore the room

There are only two rooms to sleep in (unless you count the penetration room ;)) at the SHE house. Both are located on the first floor, opposite one another, and provide all you need for a pleasurable stay.

Let us introduce you to the room with female energy.

From the soft hues of the drapes to the gentle curve of the furniture, every aspect of this space exudes a sense of warmth and comfort that can only be described as female.

The room is filled with natural light, casting a warm glow on everything in sight. The curtains are drawn back, revealing a beautiful view of the terrace with a pool just outside the window.

The furniture is cozy and inviting, with plush cushions and soft fabrics that make you want to curl up and stay awhile. On the wall, there’s an abstract painting inspired by the woman, radiating a sense of confidence and grace that permeates the room.

Right in front of you, lies a bed, suspended from the ceiling on strong ropes, used to tie boats in the harbor. The bed is wide and welcoming – made by hand out of old wooden beams taken from this house during renovation. You are lying on the house’s history while being safely held in place with harbor ropes, anchoring you in the center of the room and your experience.

On your left, there’s a vintage bath mirroring the image of immersing oneself inside of a body, inside of a woman, symbolizing connection with oneself and the womb. Step inside, dive into the experience and just enjoy yourself. Or someone else 😉

Use the drapes to divide the room into two parts or let it stay wide open to enjoy the views – both from the bathtub as well as from the bed.

As you look around, you notice little touches that make the space feel particularly feminine. A tray of candles, a stack of Vogue magazines. It’s a space that honors and celebrates femininity in all its forms and invites anyone who enters to do the same.

Remember, nothing is without intention here.

Every piece of furniture you see was either restored, handmade, or re-purposed, to tell the story of SHE house.

So, what’s your story going to be?


Blackout shades
Hair dryer
Extra towels

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