Kitchen & living room

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and modernity in our stone house with an open space kitchen and living room fully equipped to meet all your cooking & dining needs.

Female energy room

As you step into this room, you are immediately enveloped by an unmistakable energy. It’s a space that honors and celebrates femininity in all its forms, and invites anyone who enters to do the same.

Male energy room

The room inspired by masculine energy comes with a shower and mirror on the ceiling. It is a unique and modern space that can help all of our guests, not just men, feel energized and confident.

Penetration room

The penetration room is accessible via a staircase. The room was once a water cistern that supplied water to the house. However, we saw the potential in this space and decided to transform it into a unique feature that our guests could enjoy however they choose.

Spa zone

In addition to the sauna and jacuzzi, you could also include other amenities in the attic, such as a massage table, a record player, or just lounging around. These extra touches will make your stay even more enjoyable and memorable.

Exterior – ground floor

Have breakfast on the ground floor or barbecue for lunch, next to the beautiful ruins of old houses, turned into your own private courtyard. Or, just refresh yourself with an outdoor shower.

Exterior – first floor

Nothing is usual when it comes to this house – not even the position of our pool! Enjoy our heated pool with a bar, located on the terrace of the house!