A house unlike any other. Here’s the story behind the SHE house.

When we started creating this house, we had a clear vision of what we wanted this space to be. We wanted it to be a place of pleasure, and enjoyment, a place that builds on the tradition and is rooted in the history of the space and people that came before us.

SHE house is a physical space and a mental concept.

The house is female. The house is the seat of a traditional Brač women’s world, the house center of her microcosm, the house is a laboratory of her dreams and the refuge of her memories. A man builds it, builds his ego and his genealogy into its walls, calls it by its name, covers it with his roof, and writes the year when he built it into the foundations. But, the house is female.

The inner space is a refuge of intimacy and memory. It is a space where we anchor our closeness and intimacy. We map it with the body, sensory signals, senses, and sensuality. We get to know it with our senses, what it tells us about walls and spaces, openings and views, lights and shadows, angles and hidden nooks and crannies in height and depth, anchoring in space, the paths that surround it. 

This is where you create your own story and narrative of what you are or want to be.

This house, located in the heart of the island Brač, in Gornji Humac, is not big. It stands as a cornerstone at a small crossroads, under the sky and in the middle of the turmoil of the world. On the north side of the street, partially buried in the slope, revealing neither its depth nor its height, it is located in a prominent position, facing south and the sun. It is simple, in four walls at the intersection of the four sides of the world aligned according to the constellation. On the west side, through the wall and the entrance door, you can access the closed courtyard and the level of the first protected intimacy.

It seems to us that we know everything about her. We don’t know much.

Ground floor

Here you may enjoy a fully equipped kitchen with everything you may need for a pleasant stay at SHE house – fridge, oven, stove, toaster, all the pots, and pans, as well as all the other cooking utensils for creating the best home-cooked dishes. Across the open space is the living room, with a handmade armchair, concrete couch (we know it sounds ouch rather than the couch, but it is super comfy, trust us!), smart TV, unique stone table, and for those vintage lovers among you – a record player!

The stairs inside lead to the second level of intimacy and two bedrooms – the one on the right is the male energy-filled bedroom and on the left is the female energy-filled bedroom, dividing and connecting the two worlds, that of the male (animus) and that of the female (anima). Or, the two hemispheres of the brain, the left, which processes data and controls logic, and the right, which navigates in space, makes sense of what we see, interprets, and controls feelings and intuition. Two worlds divided by the physics of space and united by the mutual desire of animus and anima in the space of the realization of the most intimate desires of eros.

First floor


The corridor of the first floor further leads to the main spiral up & down communication of the house. At the same time, it is the axis that connects the three levels of the house. Ascending, we enter the attic, into the space of ecstasy, floating, and daydreaming.  The attic features a sauna and jacuzzi. This combination is perfect for those who want to relax and unwind in a peaceful and private setting.

Yes, you’ve read that right. SHEhouse has its own penetration room! Even though some might say all rooms are penetration rooms (those are our types of people!), this one is quite special. Discovering a water cistern below the level of the blacksmith’s workshop, we realized it is the best place to combine and illustrate what this house is all about!

The water cistern, or penetration room, is located below the level of the ground floor of the house, below the level of visible, clear, and light. A space in which everything is possible, a space that is empty, that is underground and hidden and can only be understood and interpreted by the intuition of the female anime, which alternately rules the underground and the above-ground of the world, ruling the day and night rituals of life.

We use the word “penetration” here to represent entering or making your way through something, or someone. So it is up to you to decide what you want to do inside this room. There is a built-in bed, as well as a bar accessed through what used to be a well. 

Penetration room

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We are ready to host you in our unique house and make your vacation the best it can be!


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