Journey through traditional cuisine of island Brač – book a private chef!

Savor tasty traditional Mediterranean cuisine at the SHEhouse! Our chef is at your service, providing high-quality meals and a variety of local wines for you to enjoy. Just let us know a bit in advance and we’ll provide a perfect dining experience for you and your company!

Your chef will be the amazing Magdalena Senjković. She lives and works on the island of Brač, where she runs the renowned Senjković winery with her husband Saša. A few years ago, she devoted herself completely to cooking and collaborates with renowned restaurants throughout Croatia. In the world of gastronomy, she is already an established chef who perfects her culinary techniques and skills every year at specialized workshops.

She deftly handles tools and skilfully arranges food. She pays great attention to details, for the ultimate gastronomic pleasure.

Her cuisine is heavily based on vegetables, olive oil, and lamb, and only after that on fish and seafood. The seasonality of food is respected, it is prepared, and served with respect.

Book a private dining experience and enjoy locally sourced food prepared by the most talented chef!

Book a chef!


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